A mouthwatering selection of gourmet montaditos showcasing fresh ingredients like jamón Serrano, Manchego cheese, anchoas, and piquillo peppers, artfully arranged on toasted pan de flauta slices.

Savour the Mediterranean: Gourmet Food, Premium Drinks & Sailing in Barcelona

Barcelona on a Bite: Introducing Our New Montaditos! Unleash the vibrant flavors of Barcelona with our all-new montaditos! These gourmet mini-sandwiches are a delightful twist on the classic Spanish tapa, perfect for adventurous palates. Imagine fluffy bread cradling a symphony of Spanish delights: Queso Manchego Bliss: Creamy Manchego cheese pairs perfectly with the salty bite of anchovies, a timeless combination that never disappoints. Spanish Omelette Delight: Our homemade tortilla Española, bursting with fluffy potato and caramelized onions, takes center stage in this delicious montadito. Jamón Serrano Perfection: Savor the melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich flavor of Jamón Serrano in its purest form. These are just a taste of the incredible montadito flavors we offer. Whether you're a vegetarian seeking cheesy goodness, a meat lover craving cured perfection, or simply want a taste of the Spanish sea, we have a montadito waiting to tantalize your taste buds. Pop in, mix and match your favorites, and embark on a delicious journey across Barcelona – all on a single plate!

Dive into the Heart of the 37th America’s Cup: Barcelona Awaits (Limited Boat Tours Available!)

The crack of the starting pistol splits the air, a jolt that electrifies the entire Barcelona harbor. Sleek AC75s, the cutting-edge foiling catamarans of the America's Cup, surge forward, their colossal wings skimming the water's surface like mythical beasts. A symphony of high-pitched whines and churning water fills the air as these technological marvels battle for wind dominance, their crews a blur of coordinated motion against the dramatic backdrop of the city skyline. Here, on the spectator boats bobbing excitedly in the wake of these titans, the energy is electric. Cameras flash, cheers erupt, and the salty spray of the Mediterranean carries the roar of the crowd. It's a scene that blends pure adrenaline with awe-inspiring technology, a testament to human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of sailing supremacy.

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