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Amazing Sunset From The Sea

                           »Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day. » Rachel Boston


Sunset is one of the most beautiful and most romantic wonders of nature. Admire the sunset, you can, of course, any day and anywhere, but it is best to choose one of the best locations. The sun in Barcelona sets behind the Tibidabo mountain, but despite this, there are many spots and grounds, from where a very beautiful view opens up and you can spend a pleasant evening admiring the sunset. One of those locations definitely located in the old harbour, the Port Vell. It would be a great idea to experience the best way to see the Sunset over Barcelona from the sea while listening a live Classical Guitar Maestro .

That is definitely a life time experience!


What can be better to relax with a glass of cava or wine enjoying the skyline of the city of Barcelona from the comfort and modern sailboat?:)

Once the skipper has climbed the boat then we sail along the coast with empty minds, away from the urban environment of Barcelona.Undoubtedly, Barcelona is a very loud and vibrant city. Therefore, going on a boat is the perfect opportunity to escape the chaos and see it from a completely different perspective.

This sunset sailing tour in Barcelona is perfect for individual passengers or couples who is willing to enjoy the beautiful skyline of Barcelona.

Are you ready for a sunset boat tour in Barcelona?


If you are willing to try something new in your life or just want to enjoy the amazing sunset from the boat then Sailing Experience can turn all your dreams true and provide you with an ideal tour of sailing while relaxing and enjoying the fantastic colors of the sunset, with pleasant classical music on the background.


  • You will be comfortably installed in the boat with a glass of wine, cava, sangria, bear or soft drinks, as well as snacks (olives, cheese, salami and crackers) , discover Barcelona from a different angle and enjoy the colors of the buildings.
  • Our Spanish Guitar Maestro will make your experience more perfect by adding a live performance while sailing along the coast of Barcelona. A Guitar Maestro will play for you and create the best soundtrack of your experience!
  • Live commentary and safety briefing included by an experienced skipper
  • During this sunset boat tour, our professional skippers will explain more about the history of the coast of Barcelona and its buildings.


Are you coming with us to see the sunset in Barcelona?

 If YES, then it’s a time to choose your experience. There are two options we can offer you are whether to be in a PRIVATE sailboat and have your own tour or SHARED boat.


Once you booked the tour…

At the entrance of the OneOcean Port Vell you will be greeted by the skipper. After a small briefing on safety, you will find a refreshment with free drinks and snacks, as well as a fascinating panorama of the horizon with the sunset.

Believe me, it does not matter whether you are riding the yacht for the first time, or if you are a professional sailor – this excursion is perfect for everyone. The skipper will be your professional guide and tell you about the sights and views around. Sit back on the deck or get a chance to stand at the helm if you want new sensations.


 Book your sunset boat tour in Barcelona now!








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