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Our 2023 Best-Seller Products

Still wondering which activities you want to join in next? Discover our best-seller products of the year 2023.

E-bike, Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting, and Sailing

Are you curious and adventurous? This experience is the best way to spend a nice day during your stay in Barcelona. This is a best-seller for a reason! First, you get to explore Barcelona’s hidden gems and iconic landmarks on an exciting e-bike tour along the Catalan Coast up to the town of Alella.

Then, not only you get to immerse yourself in the art of winemaking with a visit to a picturesque vineyard, but also to indulge in a guided wine tasting experience.

Lastly, you can find serenity aboard our luxurious sailing yacht, cruising for 2 hours along the stunning coastline to bring you back to Barcelona. Certainly, this package is a perfect blend of excitement, refinement, and relaxation, creating lasting memories of an extraordinary day in Barcelona.

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Friends smiling and enjoying a glass of white wine on the table, during their wine tasting activity at the winery after the vineyard tour
Vines from the picturesque vineyard, with growing grapes
Customers riding on their e-bikes towards the winery for their vineyard tour and wine tasting experience
Two e-bikes parked in front a sailing uyacht at the port of Masnou, near Alella

According to the booking time you select, you may choose to start with either the e-bikes tour, or the sailing experience. For your comfort, you may also select the car transportation option for one way, with sailing on the other way.

Why our customers loved this best-seller

A fantastic trip

¨The trip was fantastic!  Valentin was a great guide for the e-bike portion and Manuel was terrific on the boat!  We had a great group, too!  Thanks.¨
T.M. 11/12/2023

First class, all the way

¨First class,  all the way.  Kudos to bike tour guide, winery host and boat captain, all of whom were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Everything was as advertised. Good value for money and a highlight of our trip,  for sure. It helped that the weather, both on land and at sea, was perfect!¨
S. E. 10/12/2023

Live Spanish Guitar and Sunset Sailing


Guitar maestro playing the guitar for passengers, close by the smiley professional skipper

Are you a fan of music or are you planning a romantic outing ? Obviously, this is the ideal way to end the day. Join in for 2 hours and experience the magnificent sunset with the live enchantment of a Spanish guitar, serenading the tranquil sea. Listen to the sound of a Spanish guitar by our guitar Maestro live on board.

Experience romantic moments on board and admire the beautiful landscape of Barcelona with your loved ones away from mass tourism. Particularly, this experience is ideal for couples, friends, photography lovers and guitar music fans.

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Our guitar Maestro playing the guitar facing the sunset while on board the sailing yacht
A group of people in awe in front of the sunset, from the sailing yacht

Why our customers loved this best-seller

The entire cruse

¨The boat was bigger and more luxurious than we’d expected. The captain and crew were very friendly and helpful. And…the GUITAR, so romantic and he played for the entire cruise.¨
 R. M. 06/23

The guitarist was excellent

¨Beautiful sailing trip watching the sun set over Barcelona. Our skipper was terrific and the guitarist was excellent.  We really enjoyed this trip.¨
T. M. 10/23

Fly and Sail

Are you loving Barcelona and wishing to see it from two different perspectives? Then you will love this package that offers you two special activities in one day. Experience the best of the sky and the sea with our Fly & Sail package. Take a thrilling helicopter ride for stunning aerial views, then set sail on our luxurious yacht with our professional skipper.

You get to fly over the coast of Barcelona for up to 7 minutes and come back to earth for just a while before you hop on a sailing yacht to continue the adventure. Take the time to relax, or take a jump in the crystal waters between to sips of your favorite drink. We definitely recommend you to try our best-seller products!

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View of the coast of Barcelona from inside the helicopter
Friends enjoying and cheering on a frozen vermouth on our sailing yacht.
Helicopter passengers disembarking.

Why our customers loved this best-seller

The two activities are perfect

¨The two activities are perfect to add to one of the days you stay in Barcelona. On the boat, Violeta was amazing. We had fun, drank Sangria, listened to music.¨  D. 04/23

Experience the America’s Cup 37 in Barcelona: A spectacular view from the sea!

Prepare for an unforgettable experience in Barcelona as the city gears up for the America’s Cup 37. Sailing Experience Barcelona, invites you to book our sailing yachts to view the historic event from the Mediterranean coast. Imagine yourself aboard our luxurious sailing boats, offering the perfect seats in the house to witness this historic event in all its glory.

Schedule: august – october 2024

Confirmed dates and race area

Following the race on October 12 and 13, there will be a two-day break in competition. However, depending on the circumstances, these reserve days could be used to finish two races a day, at the Regatta Director’s discretion and after consulting with the Challenger and Defender. 

Currently, the fifth event is scheduled for October 16th. Followed by the women’s America’s Cup Regatta Final. Friday, October 18, 2024, is officially designated as a « Spare Day, » with the possibility of up to two additional races falling under this category. On Saturday, October 19, and Sunday, October 20, 2024, there will be two races each day, if necessary.

Who is participating?

Emirates Team New Zealand, the holder of the America´s cup representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

INEOS Britannia, from the United Kingdom, the challenger of Record.

Alinghi Red Bull Racing from Switzerland.

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli from Italy.

American Magic New York Yacht Club from the USA.

Orient Express Racing Team from France.

What do we offer?

You will be provided with an Ultimate Front-Row experience, with a view to witness the world’s most elite sailors compete in this high speed race. Feel the thrill of the America’s Cup Yachts, manoeuvred by skilled teams, aiming for victory amidst the Mediterranean breeze and waters. 

Tailored trips for everyone

Whether you are a passionate sailing enthusiast or simply someone looking to soak in the excitement of this historical event, our sailing trips cater to all. Our professional skippers will be making sure that you are comfortable aboard, and will do everything to make this a seamless and unforgettable experience. Providing you with a perfect place at the sea to watch the event, and make sure you will have drinks and snacks while watching the boats race against each other.

The boats we offer to watch the experience:

Motorboat up to 9 guests.
Sailing boat up to 11 guests.
Catamaran up to 12 guests.

Book your America’s Cup experience

Do not miss the chance to be part of the America’s Cup 37 in an unforgettable way. Join us at Sailing Experience Barcelona for an unforgettable experience during the America’s Cup 37. Secure your spot for our sailing experiences and create memories while witnessing this historic race from the comfort of our sailing boats. Book your experience now! Click here to book!

For more information contact us at:

Email: and

Phone: + 34 722 64 51 72 or +34 722 32 30 50.


E-bike, Vineyard Tour, Wine Tasting & Sailing Experience from Barcelona

sailing experience Barcelona

Why take a boat trip in Barcelona?

Book a boat trip for your visit to Barcelona to add something extra special to your holiday. Barcelona’s prime location on the Mediterranean coast calls to visitors from all over the world and it’s never been easier to book yourself a few relaxing hours on board a private or shared boat trip.

Why take a boat trip in Barcelona?

Barcelona’s streets and beaches can get pretty crowded, especially during the summer months, when tourists flock to the city seeking fun in the sun and a taste of the world-famous Mediterranean lifestyle. The hustle and bustle of the busy streets is what makes the city feel alive, but it can become overwhelming. The beaches closest to the city also are jam-packed, leaving you wondering where you can put down your towel to sit and relax.

When the stress of the crowds is too much, there is nothing better than jumping on board a boat and heading out onto the quiet Mediterranean Sea. In just a short space of time, you can leave the noise and the clamour of the city behind, until all you can hear is the lapping of the waves and the wind whipping the sails.

All the trips offered by Sailing Experience Barcelona include a welcome drink and snacks too, so you can sip on a delicious glass of Catalan cava and nibble on tasty Spanish olives while you relax on deck. You will also be able to see Barcelona from a whole new angle, with her skyline stretched out in front of you. Sounds perfect, right?

What about in winter?

Yes, you can still take these trips in winter too! Just wrap up warm and you’ll still love spending a few hours out on the Sea.

What types of boat trips are available?


There are a huge variety of boat charters available from Sailing Experience Barcelona. Below we have listed just a few examples:

  1. Private Yacht Charters

Book a private yacht charter in Barcelona for groups of up to 11 people. You will have a gorgeous sailboat just for you and your group. This is a great option for small groups visiting on a family holiday, stag or hen groups that want to add a relaxing boat trip to their visit and even as a treat for your colleagues if you’re visiting for work. You can book for between two and eight hours, depending on how much free time you have in your itinerary.


You will love the privacy that a boat trip like this provides. In the warmer months, you can ask the skipper to stop and you can take a swim to cool off (don’t forget to bring a towel!). This trip also includes drinks and snacks for a truly memorable experience.

  1. Shared Yacht Experiences

Sailing Experience Barcelona offer a huge variety of shared boat trip options. The boats still only hold up to 11 people, so you’re not sharing the boat with dozens of others. These are premium small group trips with the same relaxing vibe as a private trip. Whether you are looking to take a little trip in the morning, afternoon or evening, there will be an option available to you.

Examples of morning trips include the Morning Light Brunch trip which is two hours in duration and includes a light Mediterranean breakfast/brunch, including fresh bread, cured meats and cheese and some sweet pastries too. The boat departs every day at 9.30am.

A great choice for an afternoon trip is to experience “La Hora de Vermut”, the vermouth hour, on board a sailing yacht. Vermouth is a drink enjoyed by the locals and tourists alike in Barcelona and is traditionally drunk before lunch or dinner (but you can drink it in the morning too if you like!). It’s an aperitif that is usually accompanied by olives and chips, something salty to offset the sweetness of the drink, to whet your appetite before a bigger meal. Make this custom into a really special experience by doing it on a boat! The trips depart at 9.30am, 12.00pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm and last 1.5 hours in duration.

Finally, our evening choice the Sunset Sailing with Live Guitar, as who doesn’t want to be serenaded by the soft sound of an acoustic guitar while watching the sky change colour at sunset? This trip would make a great addition to a romantic holiday. Departure times of course change depending on the season and the trip is two hours long.

  1. New for 2020! Bali 40 Catamaran

Catamaran tour privado Barcelona 3 horas


From June 2020, Sailing Experience Barcelona will be offering brand new Catamaran trips, both private and shared, on the “Bali 40”. This catamaran is as sleek and stylish as the yachts and can also hold up to 11 passengers.

Options include private hire of the catamaran for several hours, just as you can do with the yachts. There will also be a Shared Sunset Trip and a Sunset with Dinner Trip available. Drinks will be provided on both; on the latter you will have a dinner of delicious local specialities too. Both trips will also be two hours in duration. Please visit the new website for Catamaran Experiences Barcelona for more information:

Why we work with Sailing Experience Barcelona?

We at have been working with Sailing Experience Barcelona for many years and we trust them to provide our clients with the highest-quality service. Their boats are clean, comfortable and safe, and the skippers are well trained and, of course, friendly and helpful to all the guests. They are also great to work with as they have brilliant customer service.

If you’re looking to book any other activities during your stay, or need help with transport, accommodation, dinners or other group travel services, please get in touch with BarcelonaTours.


Boat tours Barcelona with Sailing Experience

Amazing Sunset From The Sea

                           »Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day. » Rachel Boston


Sunset is one of the most beautiful and most romantic wonders of nature. Admire the sunset, you can, of course, any day and anywhere, but it is best to choose one of the best locations. The sun in Barcelona sets behind the Tibidabo mountain, but despite this, there are many spots and grounds, from where a very beautiful view opens up and you can spend a pleasant evening admiring the sunset. One of those locations definitely located in the old harbour, the Port Vell. It would be a great idea to experience the best way to see the Sunset over Barcelona from the sea while listening a live Classical Guitar Maestro .

That is definitely a life time experience!


What can be better to relax with a glass of cava or wine enjoying the skyline of the city of Barcelona from the comfort and modern sailboat?:)

Once the skipper has climbed the boat then we sail along the coast with empty minds, away from the urban environment of Barcelona.Undoubtedly, Barcelona is a very loud and vibrant city. Therefore, going on a boat is the perfect opportunity to escape the chaos and see it from a completely different perspective.

This sunset sailing tour in Barcelona is perfect for individual passengers or couples who is willing to enjoy the beautiful skyline of Barcelona.

Are you ready for a sunset boat tour in Barcelona?


If you are willing to try something new in your life or just want to enjoy the amazing sunset from the boat then Sailing Experience can turn all your dreams true and provide you with an ideal tour of sailing while relaxing and enjoying the fantastic colors of the sunset, with pleasant classical music on the background.


  • You will be comfortably installed in the boat with a glass of wine, cava, sangria, bear or soft drinks, as well as snacks (olives, cheese, salami and crackers) , discover Barcelona from a different angle and enjoy the colors of the buildings.
  • Our Spanish Guitar Maestro will make your experience more perfect by adding a live performance while sailing along the coast of Barcelona. A Guitar Maestro will play for you and create the best soundtrack of your experience!
  • Live commentary and safety briefing included by an experienced skipper
  • During this sunset boat tour, our professional skippers will explain more about the history of the coast of Barcelona and its buildings.


Are you coming with us to see the sunset in Barcelona?

 If YES, then it’s a time to choose your experience. There are two options we can offer you are whether to be in a PRIVATE sailboat and have your own tour or SHARED boat.


Once you booked the tour…

At the entrance of the OneOcean Port Vell you will be greeted by the skipper. After a small briefing on safety, you will find a refreshment with free drinks and snacks, as well as a fascinating panorama of the horizon with the sunset.

Believe me, it does not matter whether you are riding the yacht for the first time, or if you are a professional sailor – this excursion is perfect for everyone. The skipper will be your professional guide and tell you about the sights and views around. Sit back on the deck or get a chance to stand at the helm if you want new sensations.


 Book your sunset boat tour in Barcelona now!