Caught the rain in Barcelona? Here’s how to beat the rainy weather.

Just when you thought you could escape the cold and head to a sunny holiday spot…well here’s how.

1. Do you like chocolate?

We do! That’s why we recommend that on a rainy day like this, it’s just best to head to the Chocolate Museum in El Born, Barcelona, known as Museu de la Xocolata.

This wonderful museum is a perfect place to spend a rainy day in. You can learn everything from the history of chocolate to how chocolate is actually made.

And of course it wouldn’t be right heading there without trying to make your own chocolate yourself!

Don’t forget to enjoy it afterwards!

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2. Up for some Mystery?

Nothing brings a group together more than a little healthy competition. Escape rooms are a new concept in which you are basically locked in a room for an hour and you must escape through puzzles, riddles and mysteries.

This fun new game let’s you compete with your friends and/or family and enjoy the day free from the rain.

We chose this escape room because it’s based on Barcelona, therefore if you wish to still learn more about this wonderful city yet wish to stay away from the rain, then this is the perfect activity for you.

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3. Hide out in a Café

It’s raining, you’re sick of walking and all you really wish to do is sit back, read a great book and sip a damn good coffee. Luckily you’re in good hands.

Barcelona is known for its trendy coffee spots and great atmosphere. Whether you have work to crack on with, or just simply wish to relax with a good conversation, there is plenty of options to seek out in this city.

Don’t worry, we made a list for you:

1. La Clandestina

This hidden gem might seem hard to spot first, but keep your eyes out in the Gothic Quarter, this place is worth looking for. With wi-fi, comfy chairs and a good atmosphere, you won’t want to miss out.

2. Mitte

Bit of a walk for this one, but once you settle down, dry off your shoes, you’ll feel right at home. With artsy decor and a great calendar full of events in the evening, this is sure to make for an interesting spot.

3. Juice Dudes

They have just recently opened, and we are very grateful for that! They have a variety of healthy smoothies and good coffee, so what’s not to like? They also have a big space for larger groups, so you can be sure to have space for a meeting or all your friends.

5. Hammock Juice Station

If you’ve heard of this spot you’ll now that it is the ultimate relaxation haven. This place offers great vegan food and a great atmosphere too. The name doesn’t lie either, you can actually relax on their hammocks, they have loads!

6. Espai Joliu

This great little spot has the perfect bohemian feel to it. If you’re a plant lover like we are, then you better head to this café. The interior is filled with cacti, flowers and more. It sure makes for some great Instagram shots!

7. Satan’s Coffee Corner

We just really like their take-away cups…

Just kidding. This might be the one of the best coffees in Barcelona. What makes it so interesting as well is that they change their blends all the time, so you’re always more likely to try new flavours. They also make killer breakfasts so be sure to head there in the morning to try some interesting ones, such as Japanese Breakfast. We won’t spoil it, go there and check it out yourself!

4. Spend the day in a Museum

We all know the most obvious way to beat off the rain when travelling, and that is by diving into some art museums in the city you’re travelling to.

In Barcelona, we are lucky enough to have a ton of options to choose from, from contemporary to classic, you can literally spend a whole day going from museum to museum.

First we have the MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona) in Raval, which hosts a wide range of contemporary Art. In this museum you are sure to make up for some interesting conversation on what Art really is. Plus, they have free admission every Saturdays from 4-8 pm.

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Then we have the Picasso Museum which is a really great place to find out about the artist’s life work and see his magnificent paintings. This one is free every Thursdays but you still have to reserve a ticket online (otherwise you will not get in by simply showing up).

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If you’re looking for more of a hike, then be sure to head up to the Palau Nacional which has classical art from Catalunya, with local artists as well. It also makes up for a perfect view, even through the rain!

And last we have the The Museu del Disseny de Barcelona which stands for the Design Museum of Barcelona. The architecture itself is pretty impressive, and the exhibitions are even more impressive still, definitely worth the trip.

But of course that’s not all! Our favorite pick has to be the Maritime Museum which is very close to us in Port Vell. Make sure to check out this museum if you’re into maritime history.

5. Hope for a Rainbow

Clouds are grey, the rain is pouring harder than ever, you’re soaked to the bone. Could this day get any better?

Well, you might not know it, but it could.

Believe it or not, stormy days like these make up for the best rainbows and sunset. And what’s better than a sunset sailing tour?

With Sailing Experience, you can enjoy those last couple of hours of the best sunset you’ll ever get to see in Barcelona.

Just cross your fingers and hope for a rainbow at the end of the day.

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Sailing Experience Barcelona
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