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Keeping up with our social media? Then you’ll know that we have some exciting packages coming your way.

Ride A Harley Davidson

Sidecar Barcelona tours

Ever ridden a Harley Davidson? Now is your chance. This package is one we’re very excited for. In this Experience, you’ll be able to either ride or take a seat on the side of a Harley Davidson and enjoy a cruise along the city of Barcelona.

And we got to test it out. With the wind in our hair, the look of jealousy from other tourists, we couldn’t help flashing a wide smile. It’s an incredible feeling, and the tour guide, Hans, makes you feel at ease with his smooth driving.

Be sure to check out our Instagram Stories as we will be posting stories on the new packages!

Sagrada Familia/Parc Guell

Sagrada Familia visit Barcelona

We all know that your Barcelona travel itinerary isn’t complete without the full Gaudi experience. How can you say you’ve been to Barcelona if you haven’t seen or been in the Sagrada Familia or stepped foot in Parc Guell? These two can be seen as the heart of Barcelona and are a must.

Well, now Sailing Experience Barcelona has created a package for you to book a full tour of the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell as well as a Sailing Experience Tour of the Mediterranean sea.

This way you can relax as we take control of your trip and letting you enjoy your holiday stress-free. Sound good?

Tour of Montserrat and Sailing Experience

Visit Montserrat Barcelona

Montserrat is the hidden gem of Barcelona. The gorgeous mountain of Montserrat holds the famous Monastery which in it you can visit the well known “Black Madonna”, a very strong religious symbol in religition and the patron of Catalonia.

Now you will be able to book a tour of Montserrat after of course having sailed the Mediterranean sea with a local professional skipper.

If you wish to read a little bit more about Montserrat, do check out one of earlier blog posts called 10 Top Things to Do in Barcelona where we talk about how Montserrat is a must do in this city.

Flamenco Show and Sailing Experience

Flamenco Barcelona Concert

With this package that is already available when checking out from a booking, you can enjoy a VIP seat at the Palau de la Musica Catalana and watch a live Spanish Flamenco show. Then sail the Mediterranean sea and enjoy Barcelona from a different point of view.

With this package you will not only be able to experience the real Spanish culture, but you can also relax and take a place in one of our boats with a local skipper who can talk about his/her city throughout the tour.

Available now!

Sagrada Familia/Casa Batlo

Casa Batlló visit Barcelona

Barcelona wouldn’t be the same without the touch of world known Architect Antoni Gaudi. His famous work on Casa Batlo has an interesting story behind it, and now with this package which shows you a tour of Casa Batlo, you’ll be able to find out all about it.

Not only this, but experience a unique tour of the Sagrada Familia, another one of Gaudi’s most famous works, perhaps the most famous one.

Before or after the tour, relax on the calming Mediterranean sea on a luxury sail yacht with our professional skippers.

Book this package now!

Classical Spanish Guitar on a Sunset Tour

Spanish Guitar Barcelona Sailing

This one is one of our favorites. Picture yourself on board a luxury sail yacht as the sun slowly begins to set, colouring the magnificent city of Barcelona in warm colors, and the sound of a classical Spanish guitarist leading the way of your journey with with his melodic tunes. Do you see yourself in this situation? Cava in hand, a hand over your shoulder as you share a smile with your loved one.

I mean how romantic is that?

Book this package now!

Not to mention our still on-going and popular packages!

Ferrari 458 Spider Barcelona Tour

Check out our new packages section on our website to see everything we have to offer!

Meanwhile read a little brief on the packages we have had for a while…

  1. Ever driven a Ferrari? Or have always wanted to ride in the passenger seat of one? Now is your chance. With our Drive&Sail package you can cruise around the city of Barcelona feeling as fabulous as ever.
  2. Maybe you’re more daring than a cruise, and wish to fly over the city instead. Well with our Fly&Sail package you can tick off your bucketlist by taking a ride on a Helicopter which shows you the coast of Barcelona.
  3. You might have seen Segways lately and though, maybe not. But let’s be honest we all secretly want to try a Segway. Now is your chance. With our package Segway&Sail you can ride a Segway and do a tour around the center of Barcelona.
  4. How about an Escape Room? These rooms have been picking up heat lately, and many people are dying to try. With our package Escape&Sail you can try for the first time (or perhaps continue your list of Escape Rooms if you are an on-going escapee) to escape an Escape Room.

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 Cancellation Policy

We know how special each and every sailing journey is for you, that is why we always try to do our best to work with everyone's individual wants and needs.

You can book early with no worries!

Skipper or Company can cancel the tour if it's not secure or for heavy rain - the tour will be rescheduled according to availability and guest agenda if possible, if not possible full refund will be granted.

If we don't sail you don't pay. It's that simple!

If you need to cancel the tour, we require 24 hours notice so we have a chance to resell your seats. Otherwise, tickets are non-refundable.

Subscription Policy - Insurance

Has an unexpected event caused you to cancel or reschedule your sailing before you even get started? By subscribing the insurance while booking the trip you can cover your cancellation or reschedule fee.

  1. With this insurance, you have an opportunity to cancel/reschedule your reservation whenever you want.
  2. Without having an insurance, cancellations received less than 24 hrs prior to departure will be charged full price.
  3. Without the insurance, 30% charge will be required for rescheduling, no refund possible.




Política de cancelación

Sabemos lo especial que cada uno y cada viaje de vela es para usted, es por eso que siempre tratamos de hacer nuestro mejor esfuerzo para trabajar con los deseos y necesidades individuales de cada uno.

¡Puedes reservar temprano sin preocupaciones!

Patrón o Empresa puede cancelar el tour si no es seguro o para lluvia pesada - el tour será reprogramado de acuerdo a la disponibilidad y agenda de invitados si es posible, si no es posible se concederá el reembolso completo.

Si no navegamos no pagas. ¡Es así de simple!

Si usted necesita cancelar el tour, requerimos 24 horas aviso para que tengamos la oportunidad de revender sus asientos. de lo contrario, las entradas son no-reembolsables.

Política de suscripción - Seguro

¿Un evento inesperado te ha hecho cancelar o reprogramar tu navegación antes de empezar? Al suscribir el seguro durante la reserva del viaje puede cubrir su cancelación o cambiar la tarifa.

  1. Con este seguro, tiene la oportunidad de cancelar/reprogramar su reserva siempre que lo desee.
  2. Sin tener el seguro, las cancelaciones recibidas menos de 24 horas antes de la salida se cargará el precio completo.
  3. Sin el seguro, un cargo del 30% será necesario para la reprogramación, ningún reembolso posible.




 Politique d’annulation

Nous savons combien chaque voyage en voile est spécial pour vous, c’est pourquoi nous essayons toujours de faire de notre mieux pour travailler avec les désirs et besoins de chacun.

Vous pouvez réserver au plus tôt sans problème !

Le skipper ou l’Entreprise peuvent annuler la visite si elle n’est pas sûre ou en cas d’averses - la visite sera reprogrammée en fonction de votre disponibilité, si ce n’est pas possible, le remboursement sera intégral.

Si on ne navigue pas, vous ne payez pas. C’est aussi simple que ça !

Si vous devez annuler la visite, nous avons besoin de 24 heures de préavis pour avoir une chance de revendre vos places. sinon, les billets sont non remboursables.

Politique d’abonnement - Assurance

Un événement inattendu et vous avez dû annuler ou reprogrammer votre navigation avant de commencer ? En souscrivant l’assurance pendant la réservation du voyage, vous pouvez couvrir votre annulation ou changer le tarif.

  1. Avec cette assurance, vous avez la possibilité d’annuler/reprogrammer votre réservation quand vous le souhaitez.
  2. Sans assurance, les annulations reçues moins de 24 heures avant le départ seront facturées au prix complet.
  3. Sans l’assurance, une commission de 30% sera nécessaire pour la reprogrammation, aucun remboursement possible.