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Barcelona is known as the capital of the modernism, where the famous Architect Antonio Gaudi built one of the big innovators of his time : The Sagrada Familia. You will visit the impressive interior of this church, where the vault reach seventy meters of height, extremely rich in decoration and symbolism. We will visit also the museum of The Sagrada Familia, where they will be able to see sketches, models in plaster and museum also offers valuable information about the life and Gaudí’s career. After the visit of the museum the guide will accompanied your to the elevator, to see better all the city of Barcelona. The visit will during 1h30.

Welcome on Board with Sailing Experience BCN. Enjoy a trip on the Mediterranean sea, with a vermuth or a soft drink at the hand. Relax on the deck on the sailboat for 1h30, or dipe into the sea for the most brave of us. All included in the excursion : professional skipper, aperitizers ( snack, olives, fuet, chesse ); drinks ( beers, vermut, sangria, white wine, and soft drink).

Choose your excursion :
01-April | 30-September :

  • Sagrada Familia starting at 09am  | Sailboat starting at 12pm or 2:30pm except SUNDAY
  • Sagrada Familia starting at 2:00pm | Sailboat starting at 09:30am
01-October| 31.October :
  • Sailboat at 12pm or 2:30pm | Sagrada Familia at 09:00am EXCEPT SUNDAY

Take care of :

  • Do Not Operate : 15Aug, 11Sep; 24Sep; 1Nov, 8Dec, 25Dec; 26Dec; 01Jan; 06Jan
    – Due to the capacity of the elevator,  there can be queue between the visit and the tower
    – The tower is without the guide.
    – The elevator can be cancelled due to weather condition and other major force.
    – The way down of the tower is by stairs
    -Children under 6years olds,Minor less than 18yo without adult, mobility and visibility problems, vertigo o cardiovacularization problem, cannot hace access to the tower.

Don’t miss out, book now your SAILING EXPERIENCE AND SAGRADA FAMILIA WITH ACCESS TOWER and enjoy The Authentic Mediterranean Way of Life!

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 Cancellation Policy

We know how special each and every sailing journey is for you, that is why we always try to do our best to work with everyone's individual wants and needs.

You can book early with no worries!

Skipper or Company can cancel the tour if it's not secure or for heavy rain - the tour will be rescheduled according to availability and guest agenda if possible, if not possible full refund will be granted.

If we don't sail you don't pay. It's that simple!

If you need to cancel the tour, we require 24 hours notice so we have a chance to resell your seats. Otherwise, tickets are non-refundable.

Subscription Policy - Insurance

Has an unexpected event caused you to cancel or reschedule your sailing before you even get started? By subscribing the insurance while booking the trip you can cover your cancellation or reschedule fee.

  1. With this insurance, you have an opportunity to cancel/reschedule your reservation whenever you want.
  2. Without having an insurance, cancellations received less than 24 hrs prior to departure will be charged full price.
  3. Without the insurance, 30% charge will be required for rescheduling, no refund possible.




Política de cancelación

Sabemos lo especial que cada uno y cada viaje de vela es para usted, es por eso que siempre tratamos de hacer nuestro mejor esfuerzo para trabajar con los deseos y necesidades individuales de cada uno.

¡Puedes reservar temprano sin preocupaciones!

Patrón o Empresa puede cancelar el tour si no es seguro o para lluvia pesada - el tour será reprogramado de acuerdo a la disponibilidad y agenda de invitados si es posible, si no es posible se concederá el reembolso completo.

Si no navegamos no pagas. ¡Es así de simple!

Si usted necesita cancelar el tour, requerimos 24 horas aviso para que tengamos la oportunidad de revender sus asientos. de lo contrario, las entradas son no-reembolsables.

Política de suscripción - Seguro

¿Un evento inesperado te ha hecho cancelar o reprogramar tu navegación antes de empezar? Al suscribir el seguro durante la reserva del viaje puede cubrir su cancelación o cambiar la tarifa.

  1. Con este seguro, tiene la oportunidad de cancelar/reprogramar su reserva siempre que lo desee.
  2. Sin tener el seguro, las cancelaciones recibidas menos de 24 horas antes de la salida se cargará el precio completo.
  3. Sin el seguro, un cargo del 30% será necesario para la reprogramación, ningún reembolso posible.




 Politique d’annulation

Nous savons combien chaque voyage en voile est spécial pour vous, c’est pourquoi nous essayons toujours de faire de notre mieux pour travailler avec les désirs et besoins de chacun.

Vous pouvez réserver au plus tôt sans problème !

Le skipper ou l’Entreprise peuvent annuler la visite si elle n’est pas sûre ou en cas d’averses - la visite sera reprogrammée en fonction de votre disponibilité, si ce n’est pas possible, le remboursement sera intégral.

Si on ne navigue pas, vous ne payez pas. C’est aussi simple que ça !

Si vous devez annuler la visite, nous avons besoin de 24 heures de préavis pour avoir une chance de revendre vos places. sinon, les billets sont non remboursables.

Politique d’abonnement - Assurance

Un événement inattendu et vous avez dû annuler ou reprogrammer votre navigation avant de commencer ? En souscrivant l’assurance pendant la réservation du voyage, vous pouvez couvrir votre annulation ou changer le tarif.

  1. Avec cette assurance, vous avez la possibilité d’annuler/reprogrammer votre réservation quand vous le souhaitez.
  2. Sans assurance, les annulations reçues moins de 24 heures avant le départ seront facturées au prix complet.
  3. Sans l’assurance, une commission de 30% sera nécessaire pour la reprogrammation, aucun remboursement possible.