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A mouthwatering selection of gourmet montaditos showcasing fresh ingredients like jamón Serrano, Manchego cheese, anchoas, and piquillo peppers, artfully arranged on toasted pan de flauta slices.

Savour the Mediterranean: Gourmet Food, Premium Drinks & Sailing in Barcelona

Barcelona on a Bite: Introducing Our New Montaditos! Unleash the vibrant flavors of Barcelona with our all-new montaditos! These gourmet mini-sandwiches are a delightful twist on the classic Spanish tapa, perfect for adventurous palates. Imagine fluffy bread cradling a symphony of Spanish delights: Queso Manchego Bliss: Creamy Manchego cheese pairs perfectly with the salty bite of anchovies, a timeless combination that never disappoints. Spanish Omelette Delight: Our homemade tortilla Española, bursting with fluffy potato and caramelized onions, takes center stage in this delicious montadito. Jamón Serrano Perfection: Savor the melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich flavor of Jamón Serrano in its purest form. These are just a taste of the incredible montadito flavors we offer. Whether you're a vegetarian seeking cheesy goodness, a meat lover craving cured perfection, or simply want a taste of the Spanish sea, we have a montadito waiting to tantalize your taste buds. Pop in, mix and match your favorites, and embark on a delicious journey across Barcelona – all on a single plate!